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Why Psychotherapy / Counselling?

Many people go to see a counsellor or psychotherapist because it is helpful to have another person to talk to about difficult and confusing feelings, experiences, thoughts or situations. Sometimes we find ourselves isolated or we realise that partners, families and friends are unable to offer the kind of help we need. I offer a confidential, non-judgemental space to talk things over, with the aim of helping you to make sense your situation and explore your options.


How I work

Existential psychotherapy is an approach informed by existential philosophy, concerned with making sense of the world in the face of challenges that we all experience and our own particular difficulties and circumstances. In our work together I will listen carefully and encourage you to find your own answers to the questions that you face, according to your own values and beliefs. It is my job to help you with this exploratory process - to offer you the opportunity to reflect on your life and and to consider things in the light of the possibilities and limitations of your own situation.

The sessions involve sitting together for reflection and dialogue. I ask that you are as honest as possible throughout the process and that you use the time to reflect on anything that is important to you. It may be the first time you have spoken about something and I recognise that this takes courage. That's why it is so important to feel safe with whoever you are going to work with. I recommend looking around before you decide who you want to have that experience with.


Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Some practitioners distinguish between psychotherapy and counselling according to whether the work is short or long term, some believe psychotherapy to be more “in depth” than counselling while others consider counselling to be focused on a particular problem.

I use the generic term "therapy" to describe all of these practices and I am willing to work on either a long or short-term basis depending on your individual requirements. It is for you to decide which areas of your life you wish to explore and this may change throughout the course of our work together.


About Supervision

Supervision is an opportunity to reflect on professional work with another practitioner or group of practitioners. I engage in regular supervision as a requirement of my UKCP and BACP registration and I believe that it is essential for professional development and ethical practice.

I have worked as a group/individual supervisor to therapists and social care practitioners working with children and adults in private practice and charitable organisations. If you are interested in supervision for yourself or your staff please contact me for further information.

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